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At Webmar we understand that the true purpose of any website is to drive online marketing and sales and, not just exist to be admired for its visual appeal. Don't get us wrong. We love a beautiful website as much as the next geek and we work hard to get those visual elements right. But we take the job a whole lot further than that. Because in web design "how it works" is just as important as "how it looks"!

Thats is why from the very first line of code we write, we place strong emphasis on developing beautiful websites that are search engine friendly as well. In other words, the websites we build work for search engines and real people at the same time.

Our approach and way of thinking behind web design and development is driven by current user expectations and latest industry trends which demand websites that go beyond first impressions and provide a complete, rich user experience. Another-words, websites that are:Visually appealing, engaging, easy to navigate, fast, secure, browser adaptive and device responsive.

Because user experiences neither start nor finish with visitors we develop websites that are flexible and easily updated by non programmers such as marketing managers or content writers using some of the worlds most popular CMS (content management systems). We don't develop websites around expensive in house CMS that require contracts and monthly subscription. Instead we use and develop for free "Open Source" Content management systems used by some of the worlds greatest powerhouses, fortune 500 companies and celebrities such as; Prime Minister of Australia, The White House, FedEx, Warner Bros Records, The Economist, just to name a few...

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