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Cheap SEO - The Rude Awakening

It is likely that you landed on this page after you searched for "Cheap SEO". Well, congratulations! And I am sorry for your disappointment because You just landed on a page that will tell you exactly how much its worth. Word of caution before you read on: I am not choosing my words. You probably won't like it and may even be offended but, guess what: so am I when people try and cheap out on my rates, and I am just telling you exactly how it is, no offense intended.


There were 634 million websites in the world in December 2012
51 million new websites were added in that year alone
1.2 trillion searches were made on google in the same year
The reason you were looking for an SEO or Search Engine Optimisation expert is because you want to park your business in top 10 search positions.
Excellent! Top 10 is a prime location by any measure. But, you were looking to do it cheap. Well, look up - and get real!
If the above numbers didn't scare the living lights out of you then read on and I bet the numbers bellow most definitely will.


Brisbane prime location ad screenshotI live and work in Brisbane, Australia. With a population of 2 million it is by no means the largest amongst Australian state capitals and the comparable prime (retail) location here is the Queen st. Mall. Its a short strip with no more than 50 buildings housing about 1000 businesses by my own estimate. I just looked it up on Google and 98 m2 here will cost you over $800,000 PA. Thats about $66,000 per month for the privilege of being in the top 1000. Cheap huh!? In the world of search results top 1000 is called: Neverland. And yet, you were looking to pay someone a few hundred bucks a month to secure a "guaranteed" spot in top 10 amongst 634 million!? Ok, that was an exaggeration because you may be competing for a keyword that only returns 200,000 results but still, all pun intended.

In contrast, no genuine SEO expert will ever guarantee you #1 rankings because that would be in direct violation of Google guidelines. What they will do instead is; apply safe and legitimate search engine optimisation strategies that have been proven over time to result in significant and lasting improvements in search engine rankings. You can hire a genuine SEO expert in Brisbane from around 2-3 thousand dollars per month. For how long? Depending on how competitive your niche target is, it may take anything between one and three months or, sometimes even longer to obtain first page rankings and then you'll continue with it for, as long as, you want to stay there. Too much? Your junior salesman will cost you about as much per month. If you think you can hire a highly trained expert charged with a task of securing prime online location for your business for less - you must be really ill informed or completely out of your mind.
Ok, perhaps that was a bit harsh and insensitive but, so is asking an expert in his field to work to for less than junior wages.

Cheap SEO is usually BAD

Screenshot of a Typical cheap SEO proposition.​If you haven't come to your senses by now, you must genuinely hate me. Fine, you're not alone. I am sure there is a lot of so called "SEO Experts" who "guarantee" to get your website in top 10 search results with "thousands of quality links" for a few hundred dollars a month, or less, who are reading this and hating me with passion. Hell, if you call them in the next 15 minutes and mention this post you may even get a discount.
In that case good bye and farewell as I don't do business with people who ignore good advice and land themselves on Google sh*t list. Again, all pun intended.

Oh, and just so I am not misunderstood, Brisbane is not some world capital for genuine SEO experts although there is a few of them around here and, Australia in general, as well as, around the world. I was just comparing apples with apples - in a manner of speaking.


Its a global recession, business is tough, and money is tight so you may be tempted by "too good to be true" propositions. Don't! Once your site is blacklisted by Google that is usually the end of it.Rather than taking that chance you are better off investing in yourself, and making an effort to learn some things. Although it takes years of learning and research to master SEO there are some basic things You can do that will help your rankings.It may not get you first page rankings but, it will certainly lay very solid foundations for getting there for when times get better and you can afford to pay a professional.And who knows, if you really take an interest and persist you may get to the top through your own efforts.Here is a few tips:

  1. Arm yourself with patience and knowledge. They are the two most powerful "secret weapons" in SEO!
  2. Accept that there are no easy roads or shortcuts to the top
  3. When you are new, you may be tempted to believe some very misleading sources because they often sound logical.Don't!
    Trust only credible sources such as Google (search engines are not your enemy)! Search engine algorithms use over 200 "signals" to determine if your page deserves to be on top, you can't learn or understand how they all work in a day or, a week thus, following their guidelines is your safest bet!
  4. Quality always wins over quantity!
  5. Search engine algorithms are continually updated to serve better quality, more relevant results. Give them what they want!



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