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Cheap SEO - The Rude Awakening

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It is likely that you landed on this page after you searched for "Cheap SEO". Well, congratulations! And I am sorry for your disappointment because You just landed on a page that will tell you exactly how much its worth. Word of caution before you read on: I am not choosing my words. You probably won't like it and may even be offended but, guess what: so am I when people try and cheap out on my rates, and I am just telling you exactly how it is, no offense intended.

Responsive Web Design - The missing SEO Tip for 2013

Evolution of Mobile consumer infographic

Reading through a number of articles with titles like, "Top 10 SEO tips in 2013" I found most experts are repeating themselves and missing one critical search engine optimisation factor in 2013 - Mobile friendly web design! Considering both Google and Bing have confirmed they will rank mobile friendly sites higher - in mobile search, and a whooping 25% of all searches in 2012 were made from mobile devices, thats a pretty serious oversight.But, there is more to it than just mobile search results.